Taproom Offerings
(Updated 8.2.18)


Style: Double IPA
A.B.V: 8.0%
This slightly hazy ale is juicy with citrus notes along with a heavy malt bill round out this intense IPA that finishes smooth, clean with a distinct hop nose. The Docksider IPA was dry hopped two times versus one time in our Lost Compass IPA.

Bluff Daddy
Style: IPA
Our new IPA starts with an extensive aroma from the malts and four hop varieties, ranging from pine and citrus to floral and caramel notes. The malts bring a rich accent with hints of biscuit and caramel which leaves a pleasant taste on the back end that invites you back for another sip.

Style:  Hazy IPA
A.B.V: 4.6%
A very sessionable hazy IPA that goes down smooth.  Not completely unfiltered like some hazies, this beer has more of a subtle haze without as much of the cloudy hop bitterness.  At 4.6% abv, this is an all day drinker made for a hot summer day.

Style: Red Lager
A.B.V: 5.1%
Single Malt-Single Hops a.k.a. a “SMASH” style. High Forest emerged on the idea of the color red. Using German Red X and UK Pilgrim Hops, this malty beer showcases the pear-like quality of the Pilgrim without it being too overwhelming. Supreme refreshment in the simplest way possible.

Style: Imperial Pilsner
A.B.V: 7%
Lagered for a full month. A light and bright pale lager inspired by Winona's German immigrant brewers who had their own take on the Czech classic that was enjoyed by many. Named for this beautiful section of the Mississippi River. 

Style: Berliner Weisse
A.B.V: 5.5%
A Northern Germany variation of the white beer style. Moonlight White has a distinctive, but not overpowering, tartness. A pleasant wheat bite rounds the complex flavors of stone-fruit and citrus. This beer lives up to its reputation as the most refreshing beer style in the world and a great entry into sour beers. For an added treat try it mixed with a shot of house-made grapefruit soda. We call it a Radler.

Cellar Bear
Style: Blackberry Saison
A.B.V: 6.5%
Our spring seasonal.  This yeasty saison has 420 lbs of real blackberry puree added to it.  No extracts here! A pinkish hue lends credence to the real fruit used and makes this beer look as delicious as it tastes.

Blood Orange
Style: ipa
A.B.V: 5.5%
A slightly hazy IPA with puree from real Blood Oranges added for a citrus bump that gives this beer a nice summer zest.   With a healthy malt backbone and 4 hop varieties, the Blood Orange balances everything out and lends a smooth finish to this delicious summer IPA.