Do you have experience and knowledge in the craft beer business? Do you want to be part of the hard working team at Island City? If you answered yes to these questions, we would love to hear from you!

Please review the open positions below and contact us with any questions!

Job Title: Cellarperson

Compensation: Salary and stock options based on experience

Hours Per Week: 30-40 hours

-6 mo. at a production or craft brewery
-Ability to operate a polish filter
-Understanding of yeast and beer cellaring techniques
-Willingness to pitch in as assistant brewer, cleaning, and packaging

-Work with the head of production/head brewer and packaging     team to work out production schedule
-Operate the Letina Filter-Clean Cellar Fermentors using Cleaning  In Place (CIP) Procedures
-Troubleshoot Fermentation Issues
-Represent the Brewery at the occasional event on or off premise
-Maintain safety around hazardous chemicals
-Research fermentation techniques for upcoming beers
-Operate the 1 BBL Pilot System and Fermentors
-Conduct Laboratory Analysis on Fermenting Beer
-Pitch and Re-harvest Yeast
-Dry Hop
-Maintain Cellar Beer Reports
-Maintain a Clean Cellar Area

If interested, please send resume to


Job Title: Sales

Pay: Commission 

Hours: Flexible

-6 mo Sales Experience
-experience in beer industry a plus
-willingness to travel

Represent the Island City in new markets by selling kegs to bars and other establishments. Travel to bars and introduce our product. Travel and expenses reimbursed. Earn commission on a per keg sold basis.

If interested, please send your resume to