My favorite beer drinking season.

My favorite beer drinking season.

The hints are all around, and to be honest there is no real point in denying it anymore, fall is coming. Now for some that might upset them, and send them into a panicked frenzy to try absorb all the last moments of summer. I am not one of those people.

I am an unabashed fall elitist, a fallist if you will. From the random heatwaves of September to the coma inducing meals of Thanksgiving, I love it all. It also happens to be my favorite time of year to drink beer. Seasonal beer selection during these magical months are as varied as the weather you can get during them. Seasonal beers make these next few months something truly special, we say good bye to our bright and fruity summer beers, welcome forward our malty and smoky fall brews, and start to take a peek behind that curtain at the winter heavy hitters.

As we get ready to open our doors to you all this fall (another reason I love fall), I like to remind myself that this is a special time of year and to slow down and enjoy it. These are the days made for late night camp fires with friends with a crisp Märzen, stacking in the firewood for the winter with a smoky amber and looking up at the big night sky with warming porter.

So relax enjoy the season and don’t let it be ruined by moaning the loss of the summer, nor fearing the big bad of winter looming behind it. Fall is too special of time to be a second class season and its beers are too good not to be enjoyed. Where ever your fall leads you, we hope it leads you to somewhere where there is a beer waiting for you.


Dan Murphy
Tap Room Manager